After dropping out of Full Sail University's sorry ass excuse of a "game design" program I created Ask An Enemy Studios in my hometown of El Paso, Texas in 2013.
With other projects falling apart that same year I was defeated and overwhelmed, but one thing persisted; my decision to not give up. 
I still wanted to make a video game and was hell bent to move heaven and earth to do it. I decided to teach myself what Full Sail failed to do. I taught myself. Unity and C Sharp. It was not easy. Not in the least, but it's definitely been one of the smartest and best decisions I've ever made.
I decided to take on this endeavor alone primarily because I had no clue what I was doing. If I sink this ship, I will go down alone. If I'm successful I can pull up to shore and proudly announce the arrival, and bring on like minded, strong willed individuals for the future ahead.
...more coming soon...
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